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Mailchimp subscriber list not displaying (Blockspring)

Screenshots below.

I’ve successfully connected a Mailchimp account via Blockspring and the data is properly retrieved for the list when setting up the fields (blocks: lists, list of subscribers). I’m getting an error though for a repeating group that is set to display a list of subscribers for 1 list. The RG just comes up empty. The list ID is correct, and the block set-up even displayed results properly. The debugger is displaying an error I cannot read…Any ideas?


I’d try testing the block first in a Google Sheet to see if it’s working. From the looks of the error the block might be the issue.

Yep, works just fine in a Google Sheet. I’ve tried this in 2 different apps and neither work.

Hey Gaby!

Curious if you managed to make this work? I’m trying to accomplish similar stuff: displaying (live) subscribers from a mailchimp list and fetching the number of subscribers from a list for display.


Hey @nico-sm94, I actually abandoned the Blockspring integration and did it with Mailchimp’s API instead via API Connector - much more flexible in my opinion anyway. You can do a GET call to retrieve all subscribers in a list and use :count to get total number.

Here’s the documentation:
You’ll need to get an API key from your Mailchimp account (go to Account > Extras > API Keys)

If you’re interested, I can walk you through it in a coaching session. Can show you a bunch of call options including signing people up, adding them to groups, unsubscribing, getting campaign info, etc.


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Thanks for that Gaby, I’ve never used the API connector before so that will be interesting!
I’ll start playing with it and I’ll definitely let you know if I need some coaching :wink:

P.S sorry it took me forever to answer, didn’t have too much time this week to work with bubble.



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