Make a POST request using a button

I have an API using a robot that scrapes a page and then send the result over a GET request.

My issue

The problem is that there are 2 HTTP requests that need to be made;

  • a first POST request sending the input to my robot and starting it
  • a second GET request grabbing the results of the POST request

What I need is to be able to simply have the user pressing a button, and when that button is pressed the POST request is triggered.
Any clues about how I could do this?


Create the POST using the api connector plugin and set it as an action that you can trigger upon the click of a button and have it show up when you are creating a thing or make changes to a thing where you can pull up that POST using “get data from an external api” when you are populating a things field.

Make the parameters of the call not private this way you can load data dynamically from the flow action.

More information on building API calls below:

Thanks for the help, marking it as the solution.

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