Make changes to a thing - not letting me add supporter

Hi, I’m trying to build the Patreon copy with the instructions provided by Bubble here: How to Build a Patreon Clone App Without Code | Bubble.

I’m up to the stage where a user subscribed to a Tier and then you have to create a workflow which adds them as a supporter once payment has been made.

The issue is, when I select “Make changes to a thing” then to “Supporters” it won’t let me type in the “add” word. It comes up with “Supportors =” straight away and won’t let me replace the equals sign with a plus sign. Is there another way to do this? (screenshots attached).

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, @masterthekick… in the Bubble instructions, you will notice the Supporters field is a list of users…


If you look at your User data type, your Supporters field almost certainly shows as User (as opposed to List of Users), and that’s why you aren’t being presented with list-related options when trying to make changes to the Supporters field. The solution is to delete the Supporters field you created and add a new one, but this time, make sure to select the list checkbox when creating the field.

Hope this helps.



Perfect, yep the user type was wrong. That has now fixed it!
Many thanks for your help :).

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