Make changes to 'related' thing

Hi all

I am struggling to understand how to proceed with an issue I am trying to resolve. I have a page that is based around creating and maintaining an issue log. There is a repeating group if issue logs and the ability to create a new one. When I create a new issue log I populate a field with a value that comes from another table by using DoSearch to get the last sequence number for this location which I then increment by one.

The issue I have when I create the issue log I also want to be able to write the new sequence number back to the Locations table but this is not available to me when I use Make Changes to Thing.

What do I need to do to make this thing available for update?


What isn’t available to you? The new sequence number you want to record or the location record you need to record it to?

The Location, as a thing, is not available to me when I try to configure it using the Make Update to a Thing event. The workflow is fired from the Create Issue button in my issues list page and it updates any fields that have changed on the issues record but I can’t see the Location thing to update that,

You can either search for it or reference it from another source (page, variable, custom state, element, url param, etc)

Thanks Alex - this helped me a lot.