Make Chnages to thing

Every time I try to make the workflow to make changes to a thing it does not work. I set it up correctly and when I try it out it does not work. I used other templates and setup a Make Changes to Thing and it works on there but when I make my own bubble app and do Make Changes to things it does not work when it should. This weird thing is slowing me down and I cant stand it. If someone could please help me that would be great.

This is weird. There must be a little setting somewhere you didn’t set correctly.

Since the “Server Name” input is IN the group that has the thing to make changes to, you could try to enable the Auto-bind function in the “Server Name” input. An option “Field to change” will appear: you could point it to “clan name”. This way, the clan name will be updated as you type. No need for a workflow.

That is just another way of achieving what you need. It doesn’t fix your issue in the first place.

I just made a app and it does this. Was I post to change something in settings?

Can you be more clear? I don’t get what you wrote

Also confused on what your saying as well

You said This is weird. There must be a little setting somewhere you didn’t set correctly. I was wondering if I was post to change something in settings or no?

I said that because this is normally not an issue with Bubble. If the action “Make changes to thing” work on templates or other apps, it means there’s something you didn’t set correctly. Now you only provided 2 screenshots and little info, so I’m kinda limited in the help I can provide.

Could you provide me the link to your editor so I can have a look? You’d have to grant me access by going in the Settings under the General tab and set the application rights to “Everyone can view” or edit if you trust me enough.

I have to head off but i pm you the link so you can look at it.

I just checked your app; everything was set all right. The problem was that the General Settings group was looking for the :first “forum/cad info” entry in the database but there was actually no entry.

I added one and successfully changed updated the “clan name” field. You can see I left it there, it’s content is “hey”.

As long as you have at least one record in the database, you setup should work. :wink:

I got it to work. I really appreciate it.

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