Marchéco - A marketplace for markets!

I am very excited to share with you our recently launched app called Marchéco :slight_smile:

Marchéco is a platform for finding or organizing markets and other selling events (for instance a christmas market, an exhibition, a pop-up store, …), especially for handmade products.
In France, we have many of these events each year, and they are still using the old way (like sending a paper folder in order to register to an event, etc.).
With Marchéco, users can look for a market then register online directly. The organizers of the market can then select each exhibitor according to their need using their profile.
We have many more features, like automatic alerts so that users get notified for new events arround their geographic location, or SMS notifications and so on.

For now, the app is only for France so the whole website is in French.

You can access the website here:
Please do not create an account for the sole purpose of testing!

We couldn’t build such an app without Bubble, which has been amazing so far, even if we encountered some limitations. We believe that in the future we will have all the tools we need to achieve this marketplace.

Please feel free to ask anything or comment on the website :slight_smile:


Very nice! and a lot of nice details and clean.

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Can we have this on the homepage? Can you email support if so?

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I would be very glad to be on your homepage :slight_smile: I will email the support right now!

Awesome and congrats!

Do you mind sharing which service you used for SMS notification?

Congrats @florent.bocquelet! :tada: Love this idea, I would definitely be a User if I lived in France!

Awesome work!! :slight_smile:

Thanks ! :slight_smile:
For sending SMS, I am using Plivo, which was very easy to set up.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Hi @florent.bocquelet

This looks great. I am looking to build something like this in the format of your app but a very different type of business where people look for contractors to do jobs such as cleaning etc.

Are you planning to have this as a Template in the future?

I didn’t think of it before, but I could think about it :slight_smile:

How long did it take you to make everything responsive? I’m trying to make my own application responsive and I’m struggling a bit. Did you follow any tutorials or anything?

I am trying to think responsive since the beginning when designing a page.
As soon as all the elements are placed and configured I spend time working on the responsive aspects.
Making the pages responsive is the hardest side of Bubble for me, but once you get how it works, it becomes natural.

Groups are your friends, don’t forget that.
At the beginning, I had issue making everything responsive because I didn’t group elements.
Once you correctly grouped things it becomes much easier.
Then you can play with minimum and maximum width of elements, and finally other options.

Good luck !


Very impressive florent.

How long did it take you to build it ?

Thanks! About 9 monthes but I had a full-time job at the same time, so this is hard to say exactly.
At least several monthes.

By the way, I am planning on releasing part of it, or maybe the full project as a paid template so that people can see some details on how to do an actually working marketplace with bubble.

Will anyone be interested in that, and if so which parts do you need most?


I know it has been one year now, but I just released this as a template in case you still need it :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the template page:

For all users that followed this project, I am sorry tot ell you that our app will close soon since it didn’t hd the success we expected. Anyway, working with Bubble on this was a great experience !

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Thanks for making this awesome template. Question: if we purchase and install your template, what does it look like out of the box?

Will it be configured exactly how it is configured in the demo?

I also assume that it won’t have any events published?


You are welcome :slight_smile:
Yes it will look exactly as the demo.
The data of the demo (including events) will also be copied as it can help better understand how the template works.
However, this data will only be present in your development version, not the live one and you can safely clear the whole database if you want to definitely get rid of its content so no worries here :slight_smile:

I hope this answer your question!

Thanks! It took me several months (about 6 to 9 if I remember) working on my free time and weekends, and including communication support such as icons, etc. Bubble really helped to speedup things!

@florent.bocquelet, thank you for your quick response and answers. I am asking these questions because your template has almost all of the functionality we need for our MVP app. Note that I am a Bubble noob (I discovered Bubble only a week ago and am planning to learn the platform).

We do have a few other followup questions before we buy the template and begin tinkering with it, if you have some guidance to offer.

These are some of the modifications we would like to make, and we’re wondering how complex implementing them would be.

  • When creating an event - we are planning on removing most of the steps involved to create an event and simplifying the process into one simple form (instead of 5 steps). Is this easily doable?
  • As an “event creator” we would like to event creators to set an “applicant limit” on the event - the amount of exhibitors required to fill the event (for example, 3 accepted applicants).
  • As an event creator, once I have accepted 3 applicants for my event, I can then mark my event as “confirmed” and no more applicants are allowed to apply

Would you be able to give me a general indication of how complex implementing these modifications might be?

Thank you, your help is much appreciated.