Market rate for developers at top agencies like airdev and zeroqode?

Hey looking to get a better understanding of what the market hourly rates are for bubble developers at top agencies like airdev and zeroqode. Mainly doing some research right now and have not been able to find out any information about this.

Would love anyone’s insights on this topic! Thank you.

You should just inquire with them. It’s the only way to know.


Airdev pays $80/hour on average.

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around a year and a half ago, it was around 1-1.4k a week on full 40 hr/week projects

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i would expect anything between 40 (lower tier) - 80$ (top tier). I think what I heard most recently was 70.

One of the main value adds of an agency compared to freelance imo is not the salary but that all of your hours can be filled.

It is hard to reach that as a freelancer unless you post a lot of content to get leads and network very well

ie 40hrs * 4 weeks * 50hrly is same as 20 *4 * 100 hrly and you see 2x more problems


Help me out here but isn’t Bubble a no-code platform. I thought the point is to be able to build apps without top agencies or freelancers? Am I missing something?

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It can be no code, but it’s best as ‘low code’ IMO - you do sometimes need a smidge of code to supercharge your app :slight_smile:

And like anything else in the entire world - anyone can do anything, but there are ‘experts’ for a reason. They’re just better at it and produce a better product.