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Matching logic - how to?

Hi All!

I am building app in which you can swipe users like in Tinder, but only one side swiping. Match is created only when some criteria is meet. For now I got 6 different workflows for one action to be sure that match is created only when all condition are meet. Because of that, this not work as smooth as i want to, there are often some lags before bubble check all “only when…”. Its look something like this:

My question is: is there a better way in your opinion to check those critera before user even swipe to lunch only one action only when match is yes or no based on algorithm results to make it work as smooth as possible?

Why don’t you check all of this just after you load the page? Or show the person’s image?

Doing this, you will already know that, if your user swipe, it will ou will not be a match, and since you will have no verification after the swipe, the processs will be much smoother…