Matching row widths to your custom table's headers

Hi Bubblers!

Just wanted to share an example of how you can match the widths of a cell in one repeating group with others in another repeating group, you’ll find this most useful when making your own custom tables.

All you’ll need is some basic CSS knowledge and the Classify plugin.

You can find the demo here:

Or go straight to the editor here:

Hope this helps you in your Bubble journey!


I snoozed this post to implement it when I had a little more time. Coming back to this now and I’m surprised to see no comments on here yet. This is one thing I needed very badly, and the way you have it makes a lot of sense. I think others would find this valuable to that build their own tables. Thanks for the tip!


Just wanted to give this a bump, as this just came in super duper handy for me. I’m still working on implementation, as my RG row’s aren’t setup quite the same, but I am a lot closer it feels like than I was without this.

Thanks for the awesome topic!

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Glad there are Bubblers who found this useful!

[insert Internet kid nodding and then :+1: ]
Not bad, not bad.

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