Server costs - about to launch and wondering about scaling

I’m coming to the closing stages of development of my application. As a result, I was going to subscribe to the professional plan on a per month basis. The application I’ve made is anticipated to gain quite a lot of users (200) potentially each day for the first few days. Each page is dynamic (showing specific user information), the users can search the database of all users (one of the main functionalities is a directory) and chose to message other users. With ~200 people signing up per day, I was wondering if anyone would know if this would require additional server capacity and how much?

I am slightly worried the app will go down (and people will give up on it) because it is slow or if costs sky rocket (in the case we require many additional servers).

Would appreciate if anyone could shed some light on this.


So much of this depends on how you built your app. It’s 100% possible to build a Bubble app that crumbles with one user, but it’s also 100% possible to build a Bubble app that handles tons of users on the hobby plan.

You really won’t know much until you get people in the system. It depends on how you’ve constructed your pages, your queries, etc. There’s not a straightforward, generic answer to this question, unfortunately.

Hi Andrew,

Really appreciate the quick response.

My database effectively is all based on the individual user. For example, it displays the current users groups (a list of groups), and then the users within this group (I.e. current users groups users). These groups could become very large (I.e. 100 users). The groups also have a list of posts within them (ie current users groups posts). Messages I was going to create as a separate data type and then have current users messages. I’m not sure if this info makes any difference!!! But is storing (effectively indexes to data?) within the current user a reasonable way of structuring the database?