Meet Kopify (Yet Another AI Writing Tool)

Hii bubblers,

I am searching for a few individuals who would be interested in testing Kopify (an AI writing tool) and providing their honest feedback.

Key features of Kopify include:

  • Custom template builder
  • SEO mode
  • SERP GPT (Beta)
  • Voice Commands
  • Workflow Builder
  1. Outline Mode
  2. PAA Mode (Beta)
  3. Custom Workflow mode

Take a look at the basic landing page at before registering :slight_smile:.

To sign up, please visit the application page here: Kopify | Your True Writing Assistant

You’ll need a redemption code to complete registration. I have 10 codes to share with you:

Redeem Codes:

These codes will give you beta/tester access to all the features of Kopify including features that are currently in the beta/testing phase.

Please note that you will need to have a registered Open AI account as you will be required to add your own Open AI API key to access Kopify


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Tried to login but could not. Tried different codes. But same result

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Hey @kazimdgoni,

Thanks for your interest in Kopify.

Can you please send me the codes you have tried and not working, so I can check/remove them and add new codes? :slight_smile:

Tried setting up my API key but keep getting the error “API Key invalid”. Do I need to be subscribed to OpenAI on a paid plan?

Open AI free tier provides you with $18 worth of free credits valid for 3 months. Once these credits are exhausted, you must set up your payment details with Open AI in order to link your API key to Kopify.

Hi I logged in and checked out the app. I could not try Open Ai as my free trial expired. App design is clean and easy to navigate.

Few things I noticed like some icons missing tooltip. Logo icon can be clickable to refresh the page if necessary.

Lastly when I tried forgot password and received reset password mail. There the sender email id is You might want to change it.

One icon in menu is missing its caption (menu name) probably create new folder icon.

I don’t know if it helps. Thank you for giving me the chance to access the app.

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How did you setup the credit system?

I’m trying to create an article using Kopify AI, but still pending, not giving any result, is it limitation of openai api or something wrong with Kopify AI, I’m not sure…

Take a look at the screenshot


We’ve recently experienced some hiccups with our server. Everything is running smoothly now, and you can generate content again without any issues. :slight_smile:

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It working great now, thank you very much. I hope that Kopify keep growing, sadly I don’t have huge list or web visitor to help Kopify get more users. Thanks again.

For those who might have issue with WordPress integration, you need to whitelist Kopify’s IP in Cloudlare or any security plugin/services you use that block wp-json

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