Midjourney API + Bubble

Hi everyone - I recently spent time diving into the setup of connecting Midjourney to Bubble via the API connector and wanted to share the results.

This video shares the process of getting the connection up and running using a 3rd party service.

For API pros, there will be no problem working with the documentation. It was straightforward to make all the calls and achieve a setup very similar to Midjourney inside of Bubble, including loading the progress images as it renders, upscales, variations, rerolls, etc.

For anyone unfamiliar with APIs or just wants to see all the features (get render progress, banned word filter, etc) explained, there is a resource that goes deeper into the rest of the API beyond the simple Imagine call shown in the video. That resource can be found the video’s description.

For anyone else like me fascinated by the power of Midjourney compared to the other AI image generation tools, this is exciting to see in Bubble!

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Have copied the code to the letter.
The message I get over and over again is:
There was an issue setting up your call.

Raw response for the API
Status code 400
Invalid token

Hi @craftceed, it’s saying the token is invalid so that is something with the API. Best path forward would be to check with the Telegram group on the API’s website. Good luck.

Great video, thank you so much! Now I am finding the way to save all generated images to a Midjourney images table :slight_smile:

Hey @tmisi76 welcome to the world of Bubble!

You’re welcome. Try this video for an updated Midjourney API as the one in that original video is no longer supported by its maker:

Thank you! I could make it work, just 1 question:

  • If I’d like an upscale button (4 buttons) I have to create a new workflow + fetch workflows as the original system in the video? I tried the upscale but doesnt work, maybe because without fetch.

Hi no problem, for upscaling it’s a new API call but the steps are roughly the same as the original one.

Original/imagine - https://www.goapi.ai/docs/midjourney-api/midjourney-api-v2#imagine
Upscale - https://www.goapi.ai/docs/midjourney-api/midjourney-api-v2#upscale

And in the second link, you can see the response example contains another id for this request so you use that in your fetch call to get the upscaled image.

If you want to get more comfortable seeing all of this in action, you might find it helpful to follow the link on the YouTube video description for the full course. The course runs through the setup of a bunch of different API call configurations and also presents a slick UI for upscaling, getting new variations and doing the re-roll.

Note if you do opt for that course that it’s out of date since the original API provider stopped supporting theirs. But turns out it’s actually a good thing because they didn’t have pooled calls via the Pay-Per-Use model that goapi.ai uses. Just the annoyance that the calls presented in the video would be swapped out with the ones using Go API’s documentation.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I chose the webhook and it is perfect.
Now I am using BYOAm do you think it is good if I will have lots of customers?

No, I would recommend ditching the BOYA at a certain point and go with the PPU because it puts your image gens into a pool with a bunch of MJ accounts. I don’t know exact numbers but the PPU is better because regardless of your usage (relaxed or fast, 100s or 1000s of very similar prompts, etc), you’re blended into the sea of users and it’s overall less risk.

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Great thank you :slight_smile:

Fun. How stable are these blackhat apis? Have you pushed decent volume through them?