"Push" group down when other group is visible


I want to have a small animation when showing a group.

So I have a Group on top which should be always there at a fixed position - called group “a”

Then there is Group"b" which is hidden on page load and becomes animate “fade in” when clicking a button “submit comment”

Then there is Group “c” which shows all comments made on “current page topic”

So what I want is that:

Group “C” is below Group “A” but if group “b” is visible group “c” should be “pushed” down by group “b” .

How can I do this?

Thanks for you help!

On the group property editor tick “collapse group when hidden” (it’s something along those lines) + then also tick “animate the collapse”. Should do exactly what you need

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But they dont :confused: they are overlapping and not moving.

Perhaps the issue is the amount of spacing you have between A-B and B-C.

What I would recommend trying is having Group B contained inside another Group, which is visible on page load. But the actual contents of Group B are not visible unless your condition is met. (This new group would contain a bit of buffer space between A-B and B-C).

The other option is to make use of the Drag/Drop features. (Ie. when x condition is met, move to y location on the page, by specifying the location of another option (Group A).


Worked if all of them are in the same group.

lets see how the responsive design likes it

Thanks for your advise gentleman

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