Multi-line input not saving data correctly

Hi to anyone who can help me, i have an input in an app im building, which is designed for users to put a name into, and then that name will be saved in the database under a data type called “associated persons”. the aim of this is that this stored name will be run against the applications database, which will then display data that is linked to that name. However, it is not working, and i would like advice on how to fix this issue. ive included images, thanks in advance for any help provided.


Hi there,… what isn’t working? Saving the name to the db? Are you creating a new thing in the associated persons data type and saving the name to a field called associated persons? If so, what you have in the screenshot looks like it should work… meaning, you can stop after associated persons = Input INVOLVED PERSON'S value.

I could be way off base because the screenshots only tell a small part of the story, but if you’re just trying to save that input to a field to the db, what you have there should work (don’t click More… after Input INVOLVED PERSON's value).


Hi @mikeloc yes that’s exactly what I meant trying to do, I know it should work, however I’m not pressing “more” I’m simply inputing that associated persons = that input, however it still prompts me to add more and comes up with an error if I don’t.

What is the error it comes up with? Could it be a mismatch between the content type of the input field and the field type in the db?

hi @mikeloc sorry for the late reply, but this is what comes up if i leave it error

Yup, and there should be some red text at the top of the editor that says 1 issue (or maybe more than 1, if that’s not the only issue you have). What is the error when you click on that text? What type of field is associated persons in the db?

Wait, I’ve just found the issue, I did need to change the data type in the input and change the input itself. I change the data type to civilian name instead of just text, and I had to change the input from just in input to a search box. Thanks for your previous advice @mikeloc as it lead to me fixing the problem.

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