Multi-tenant template or tutorial for B2B SaaS

Is there a template or tutorial on how to setup a Multi-tenant app for a B2B SaaS in Bubble?

My scenario:
Companies sign up for my SaaS
- They invite/create users, can remove users, suspend them etc

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Hi Tony, I have one soon to be ready.
It has everything you need, including tax id, tax rates. Are you allready provided?

This got put on the back burner for me a bit, but Iā€™d be open to looking at one now for sure.

I actually have a good example built on the Bubble Marketplace. It has everything you want and more.

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I will be ready in a few weeks. This will not be a saas template to start building with. This is a ready to use customisable template where you can totally define your own business in without touching code. And to make it really work in reality, I have build in tax functionality, meaning tax id and tax rates, all in sync with Stripe.

If you like we can skype sometime. I am curious what you think of it.