[New Template] Introducing the Ultimate SAAS Template

Hi guys,

I am very proud to present you The ultimate SAAS Template:

This pixel perfect, responsive, fully adjustable template has everything on board a grown up SAAS application should have and can be setup within 3 hours including the Stripe dashboard!.

Checkout the full specs below or visit https://codefreeblocks.com. It’s absolutely stunning!

I invested 3 months of my time (one year part-time) to build a rock solid Stripe integrated SAAS template, which can be used with its full potential, right from the start. Not as a starting point to build your desired SAAS administration; no, a SAAS template which is complete in the beginning. You only have to provide content for your landing page, define your subscription items, setup tax rules, describe your features and you are done! All this without changing anything in the editor, the design or in your workflows. Everything is already there and can be setup within 3 hours! Even if you are an absolute Bubble beginner. And to help you with setting up, I created two in depth tutorials on YouTube to help you started. (See links below).

This template is built with the concept that you as a developer/entrepreneur only want to concentrate on building the core features of your online winning SAAS application. Don’t waste your time on the SAAS principles, which is an expertise on its own. Leave that to this awesome template!


Visit https://codefreeblocks.com for more details and to experience it from a user perspective.
Promo video - The Ultimate SAAS template: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6LS3vbK5k0
Tutorial 1 - Set up Stripe dashboard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPWWx0qGaMA
Tutorial 2 - Set up your subscription based Bubble app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cUFzh4mwDc


For single user or multiple users
For companies or consumers
4 column pricing page including add-ons
Feature comparison table and extra feature info popup
Choose between two payment intervals
Adjustable payment intervals day / week / month / year
Cancel and resubscribe subscription
Cancel and resubscribe add-ons
Delete account and all data (GDPR)

Fully integrated with Stripe API (customer, subscriptions and invoices)
User-account page with subscription history and printable invoices
Stripe payment (credit card)

Worldwide tax/vat support
Fully integrated and adjustable VAT/TAX functionalities to support tax rules all over the world
Synchronized with Stripe API
VAT id registration with Reverse charged / Exempt functionality
VAT id check dashboard

User management
Manage amount of users based on subscription type
Admin-setup page for inviting and managing users
User-profile page, change password & change email

App Management
Super Admin page for full control over your app settings
All settings adjustable without changing any design or workflow
CMS Homepage editable by Super Admin (The app owner)
Ticketing system with User dashboard and Super Admin dashboard
Adjustable core features like Company / Consumer, single user / multiple users

App development
Stripe API build with Bubble’s API Connector (You have full control)
Stripe data synchronized in app, 100% based on Stripe web hooks
Responsive up to 360px (Except for the Super Admin page)
Designed with consistent use of styles
Free plugins used only

!! This template works with scheduled API Workflows. Therefore, you need at least the “personal” plan of Bubble to get the full functionality to work !!


I haven’t set a Developer Commercial License yet, because I cannot agree with the pricing rules. If I ask the maximum of $5.000 dollars for an agency who uses it three times, that doesn’t make sense. But If an agency uses it fifty times then $5.000 is not fair. Please contact me if you want to use it and maybe we can convince Bubble to develop a different pricing model for agencies. One where the agency is charged per usage.


Is this template available on Bubble Marketplace? I don’t see any Bubble link.

Anyway, this template looks really great, well done @j.poolman

I just added the link.

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@j.poolman Amazing work, well done! I’m in the process of planning my SaaS (sport club management) app. Could you briefly explain how would I use your template to build upon and create what I need, please?

Imagine I want to create a martial arts SaaS app for club owners where they can manage their members and day to day activities.


Hi Samir, sounds like an excited SaaS app :slight_smile: Well how to start. In the template there is a page 1 where you can start building your core app. Off-course you can also add other pages.

The template is allready member ready, meaning that if for example your bronse subscription allows 5 members this limitation works in the setup of your users (they cannot create more then 5 users) but is also working on the access of page 1.

So basicly:
Buy the template
Follow the youtube tutorials to setup your SaaS
Start creating your core content

You can also build the content first off course but it’s good to have it all running allready before creating your core content.

If you want to buy the template, please wait one more day as I am just about releasing an important update for SCA (payment card authentication). I will update tonight/tomorrow.

If you can’t wait; no problem as I will recording the update and upload this to youtube so that you can implement it on existing apps.

Thanks for the reply! I’m in the planning stage and researching the costs, so no rush there. I’ll do a deep dive into your solution soon. I have built one app on bubble before and I know how much time it takes, especially with the learning curve, so trying to avoid this!


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Update 1: Simplifying the payment workflow

In this video we are going to simplify the payment workflow. It’s a simple update which will take 2 minutes of work. You only have to this update for apps you already have built with the Ultimate SAAS template at Bubble.io.

Checkout the YouTube video for this: https://youtu.be/d67btOOD6QI

P.S. Make sure you do this update first before working on update 2, which will follow shortly. This will be a big change! I have implemented SCA or Strong Customer Authentication or 3d secure Authentication. Yes!

Strong customer authentication - SCA - 3d secure card payments for Stripe

Update 2: Integrating Strong customer authentication (SCA)

I am happy to inform you that The Ultimate SAAS template has now Strong customer authentication integrated in the checkout payment workflow.

Why Strong customer authentication (SCA) ?
As of 14 September 2019, new authentication requirements are being introduced for online payments in Europe as part of the second Payments Services Directive (PSD2). Payments where both the business and the customer’s bank are located in the European Economic Area (EEA) need to meet the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements.

This means adding an extra layer of security for customers making purchases online. Businesses with European Stripe accounts charging European customers may need to update their Stripe integration to support the additional authentication requirements.

Integrate SCA in your existing app build on The Ultimate SAAS Template
If you already have purchased the template and build an app with it, please contact me personally, and I will provide you an in depth, step for step video, so that you can integrate SCA in your existing app.

How to test 3d secure? I used

nothing happened

I want to buy this video

I am not sure why your card did not trigger the 3ds. There are so many test acrd numbers. Try the first one on the testing card page: 4000 0027 6000 3184

This one activates. See screenshot

Update 3: Upgrade to sendinblue mail provider + more reliable email verification workflow

Reason for change
First of all the standard sengrid functionality gives problems when the users email is yahoo or hotmail. It simply does not arrive in many cases. The email verification workflow of Bubble uses the sendgrid email and uses a email confirmed “read-only” field in the database you cannot touch in your workflows. Therefore I decided to remove this out of the template and replace it for a m ore reliable up to date workflow where a 6 digit code is send to the user with sendinblue.

If you want to update your existing app with this upgrade, do the following:

Step 1

  • insert two new fields in data type “user”
    • field “confirmation code email” - test
    • field “confirmation code expiration” - date

Step 2

  • Activated plugin “sendinblue smtp”

Step 3

  • Create sendinblue free acount
  • Create sendinblue API
  • Copy API to sendinblue plugin in Bubble (dev and live fields)

Step 4

  • Deleted action type "send confirmation email and replaced for new workflow
  • Page “email confirmation”- deleted
  • Reusable element sign-in- deleted
  • Reusable element sign-up - deleted
  • Updated sign-up workflow with “email code confirmation”
  • Updated sign-in workflow with “email code confirmation”
  • Replaced all send email actions with sendinblue email actions
  • Page profile - Deleted confirm email step when updating your email (unreliable Bubble step)
  • Page setup - Deleted confirm email step when updating your email (unreliable Bubble step)

Step 5
Repair navigation errors. For reference check where the navigation actions navigate to in the template.

Best way to change step 4 in existing apps is to look for action type “send email” in your existing app and search for action type “sendinblue - send smtp mail”. In the end their should be 18 sendinblues actions and 0 send email actions. Just copy the sendinblue actions of the template to your existing app. With each copy check if no error arise.

Update 4: Upgrade to the new responsive engine

Reason for change
Bubble introduced the new responsive engine. It’s absolutely fantastic! But I must say it was a hell of a job to upgrade the Ultimate SAAS template. The result is again a pixel perfect template. I even was able to get rid of some strange responsive behaviour.

Changed responsiveness in the following pages:

  • Pricing
  • Account
  • Profile
  • Contact
  • Sign in
  • Sign up
  • Support
  • Page 1
  • Terms
  • 404

Update 5: Price drop 50%

I reduced the price with 50%. It’s now 249!

So take that 3 month step ahead and create your Bubble idea on a ready to run Ultimate SAAS environment.

Documentation links on the Bubble market place are now working correct. It will lead you to Youtube where I placed the promo and all necessary tutorials to set this template up. (I somehow changed something on Youtube that broke the link).