User Management with Multiple Clients

Hi, I have just started building on Bubble and hope someone can help me out with something i’m struggling to find much documentation on.

Essentially, I want to build an app that clients can log into to view their property surveys (which I create and upload). Each client may have multiple users that require to see their data, but they shouldn’t be able to see data from other clients surveys.

How do I set permissions to change what data users can view?



Here is how I’d approach this with your database structure:

Data Type
– Field (type)

– Client (Client)
– Email (text)
– First Name (text)
– Last Name (text)

– Client Name (text)
– Surveys (list of Surveys)
– Users (list of Users)

– Client (Client)
– Other info…

You can retrieve the data a few ways as a User…

Current User’s Client’s Survey’s or Search for Survey’s with a constraint: Client = Current User’s Client

With this set up, a client is its own data type, containing client information. Anyone who needs to log in is a User and the Client field in the User type assigns them to a Client. Take a look at the structure above and see how you can cross-reference your types, and therefore filter accordingly.

There are multiple ways to achieve this, so try this out, but if you find another route that works for you, it’s your playground!

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Excellent, thanks. I will give that a go

thanks for question as reply from romanmg also helped me :slight_smile: And
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