Multiple Data Sources in Calendar

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn’t see anything relative to the situation.

So I have multiple data sources all which house different types of events(dates). Ideally I wanted a singular calendar that would show selectable data sources, basically checkboxes with the data source name that will toggle events on and off, and even better if said events will change colors according to the data source they are coming from.

I created the calendar, and in the Appearance tab if I set the Type of Events to the specific data source I’m golden, so I thought if I added conditions that look to see if a checkbox is checked, then do a search for data source but it will not work. I’m not quite sure what to set the type of events to in the Appearance tab, as when you change the data source in the Conditions tab will always result in error unless the type of event matches the data file that the condition is set to. Is something like that possible with the default Calendar plugin?

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