Multiples "only when" consecutivly

A doubt, when we have multiple WHEN like in the picture

Bubble recognizes it and create just one WHEN for all, or it is better to for example create a “terminate workflow” action to stop it before?

I run into a lot of problems when I try to do it the way you’re describing. For some reason, if I have multiple equal conditions it doesn’t work super well.

It’s better to use Terminate this workflow. I have an even better suggestion though:

Create a custom event called Custom Event XYZ and then store your actions there. And then only trigger Custom Event XYZ inside the workflow if the condition passes. This is much better because it makes the workflow tidier and more understandable to future you, you won’t need several conditions or a unnecessary terminate workflow action.

You simply have a condition on the event, and if the condition is true the event will fire and if it’s false it won’t do anything. :slight_smile:


It shouldn’t really matter, as long as the only when conditions are set up correctly. If you want action 2 to not occur when action 1 occurs for example, you have to make sure that the only when conditions are mutually exclusive.

If it’s more than a few actions you can use a custom WF like @jonah.deleseleuc mentioned above.

Another alternative is creating separate WFs for each condition on the same event with the only when set at the WF level as opposed to the action level.