My Apps Disappeared!

Is anyone else having the same issue?

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Seems to be an issue with searches / database (elasticsearch refers to Do a search for X data):

My own apps seem to be fine.

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Very concerning.
Was about to file a bug report as uppyuploader stopped working on my apps.
But now they’ve vanished completely!

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@mark.chu-carroll… since you are on call (sorry), I’m guessing you are already well aware of this one, eh?

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Status page says it’s a DDoS so not entirely Bubble’s fault :slight_smile:

I’m curious though - what do DDoS attackers have to gain from this? Do they hold sites ransom? Seems like there’s not much for an attacker to gain. Not strictly relevant but just made me think about it… any suggestions welcome…

seems it is back

My apps were gone, but they’re back now.

I’ve always wondered if they view any attack on a Bubble app as an attack on Bubble itself, and that’s where the real money might be (from their perspective, of course).