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MySQL Database connector, MAX 100 records?

Hi everyone, first time posting here.

I’m developping some “on demand” platform, and I’d like to make it work upon a MySQL Database, for two reasons : 1. I’d like to be able to use some other tools later, like for a future mobile version, and 2. maybe I would hire some professionnal developper if the success comes and the platform deserves some big update.

First, what are your thoughts about such a way of conceiving a project ? Is it a good idea to start immediatly with an external DB, or am I exposing myself to a long and winding road ? (lalala)

Maybe I could start with the only internal DB, and later export the datas if needed ? How looks a CSV export ? Will it be possible to externally rebuild the table links that I’ll have made up in Bubble ?

And also, I found in the documentation that the DB connector’s SQL instruction SELECT is limited to 100 records max. Is it still the case in 2020 ? Is there any way to unleash this ? I’m not totally a newbie, but not either an expert, so this just gives me some impression that things are going to be a bit complicady.

Thanks a lot,


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Hi Michel,

Did you ever implement this?

I too am worried about how the max 100 records will affect alot of the workflows I’ve already setup