DNS setup

Hi everyone,

It is unclear to me how to setup the DNS in for the first time. The ‘Nameservers’ are selected to the ‘BasicDNS’ (image below).

I am wondering if I just need to let Namecheap wait to do something, then come back and add the DNS values provided by bubble, or if I need to add those values in Namecheap’s ‘CustomDNS’ not the ‘BasicDNS’?

Thank you so much for the help

Hey @jasonturo,

You’d need to select “CustomDNS” in the dropdown on Namecheap to be able to add Custom Records onto your domain.


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Interesting, @afterthoughtsystem . The custom records I was provided do not seem to cooperate with Namecheap. Is there supposed to be a name provided by bubble to input or simply input the value# (here’s a partial screenshot of DNS record from bubble).

Thanks again. Appreciate the help.

Check this article by Namecheap out:

Then add “A” records, for the first 2 without any value in the “Name:” section simply input a “@” sign to represent root

Hope this helps :blush:

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Easy enough if you know what to do! Thanks so much, Johnny. You’re awesome @afterthoughtsystem

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No problem! Glad to help :blush:

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