Need a help about trying to use keyboard events

I have a pagination functionality that I have built using toolbox plugin, I am paginating from the data that I am getting from database. I have two arrow left and right that I use to move to next or prev page. How can I make sure that my arrow left and right of my laptop keyboard can also trigger the events (workflows). if there is any help or any information that I can rely on, I would appreciate it.

Hey @ntirandth,

Using Bubble’s plugin ‘Mouse & Keyboard Interactions’ you can trigger a workflow when a user presses a key (or combination of keys).

If the field ‘Keyboard shortcut’ does not accept a keyboard shortcut, you might have to deactivate the experimental feature ‘Categorized types, datasources and operators’ on page Settings - Versions temporarily. Don’t forget to refresh after (de)activating it.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you gerbertdelangen, you helped me a lot. I am new to and I did not know this plugin and how it’s used. Thank you :pray: :clap:.

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