Need help architecting RE Lead Generation / SMS Campaigner CRM. Am I thinking about this right?

About the project in it’s most simplest terms… It’s a CRM for Real Estate Wholesale Contractors. Unlike RE agents, they are only concerned with find motivated sellers (at least that’s all we are trying to help with). They find a seller, enter a contract saying they can sell the property on their behalf, and then they do so at a profit.

Right now we are looking for only 2 features: Lead generation, and sms campaigning.

Could I:

  1. Build or get built a database that pulls in data from a Real Estate Data Service API

  2. Enrich that database with Owner Data by using a Skip Tracing API

  3. Send SMS messages to the owners by using the Twilio SMS API

  4. Wrap it all up in a Bubble made CRM (Template?)

I’d then either hire a coach, or a bubble developer to help with creating the list generation and SMS campaign features? I feel like if I have the database filled with all the data outside of bubble, it would just be a matter of getting the application to fetch the data via API. That is wouldn’t be such a large ask or build.

Am I thinking about this the right way? What would be the best steps to tackle a project like this?

This is all certainly all achievable with bubble, are you familiar with the APIs you propose using and also is everything compliant with your country’s data protection laws?