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Stripe Stand alone account VS Managed Account

I am building a marketplace and Stripe seems to recommend using Managed Accounts instead of Standalone so that I am able to issue refunds to buyers. (

Is is possible to use such a system within Bubble? if yes, what does this change in the way I have integrate Strip with my marketplace?

What do you guys recommend using so that I am able to refund buyers if the service provided by the seller does not match the buyer’s expectations?


Yes is possible. We have an action to register a seller and transactions can go to a third party. You can see more there

I already tried to set this up but I am not sure it’s correct. Here is what I did:
1.Buyer’s card get saved when requesting to book a reservation.
2. Seller can register himself as a seller from his profile page (by clicking on a button)
3. When reservation is confirmed, seller can press a button to charge the buyer’s card (previously saved at booking step 1)

Now, my question is: how does the seller gets linked to stripe? It seems that the seller is not prompted to create a stripe account.

In other words, what is a common way to handle payments between members within a marketplace?

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I am also wondering about this.
Stripe Connect has two modes; Standalone and Managed.
As far as I can tell, Bubble only supports Standalone. Am I right @emmanuel?
Managed accounts allows us more control, and the marketplace seller doesn’t have to manually sign up to Stripe. This is done by the platform.

Correct. Implementing managed account is not a small project (according to stripe). And it’s still in beta, so we’ll probably wait a bit.

I understand. Looking forward to getting it implemented sometime, though!
Will be a remarkably better user experience for market place apps. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind you also open yourself to more risk with managed accounts, since you are ultimately responsible for fraud. You also have to worry about a myriad of other factors since “it’s up to you to build any onboarding, dashboard, reporting, and communication flows with them.”

@Anthony It sounds like you’re charging the wrong customer perhaps. Part of the registration process on stripe is the combination of authentication and creation of an account in the event the seller doesn’t yet use stripe. What do you mean by “how does the seller get linked to stripe”. You already indicated he registered in step 2, right?

Is this still correct? Only standalone accounts, and no managed on bubble?

My understanding was that everything backend is still handled by Stripe, and except for some more workflows, it’d be the same on front-end.

In that case, if you don’t want to take the seller through the onboarding required by Stripe (register as a seller) a simpler solution (but more manual) would be to accept payments and then make manual payments to sellers registered accounts. The problem there is holding on to sensitive account information.

Yes, we haven’t implemented managed accounts yet.

Oh uuh. Then I should rethink my planned payment model. Hmm…

You can always use Stripe for collecting payments, PayPal for sending micro-payments.
(that’s been the way of the world prior to Stripe Connect)

Any plans to do so in the near future?

Right. The managed accounts option is just much simpler and automated.

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Hello, are there any updates on Stripe managed accounts? @emmanuel

I know you’re very busy improving bubble and making us love it more and we are really grateful, trust me. Very very very big thank you :raised_hands::clap:

What’s the use case for managed accounts?

A feature on Stripe for managing users’ bank account details and tranfers from from your platform. It is used by lyft and other major companies.

I’m sure I saw someone mention on the form that the guys at Education @ @CoBubble were working on a plugin to allow people to do managed accounts. Not sure if it’s true though?

Unicorns excluded, doesn’t managed accounts entail an administrative burden too large to make sense for most startups?

I looked into it and came to the same conclusion.

They are either signing up their bank details through you, or through Stripe, it’s no extra work for the user… and there is a good chance they’ll trust their details more with Stripe than startup-they-never-heard of.

Point being?