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Need help creating an "Accepts Reservations" filter

Hi, I have an RG of stores that accepts/does not accept reservations. I made a filter (button) but can’t seem to get it to work properly. All stores in my DB currently accept reservations, but when I click on my filter all the stores disappear.

In the backend, the “Store” data type has a “reservation” field which is linked to the Reservation data type. In Reservation, I just have the data field “type” and these are the different types of reservations:

This is the workflow of the filter when it’s clicked:
1st step (RG_filter is the custom state of the page “search-results”):

2nd step (the res filter is suppose to be what’s in the red text box):

I think my issue is in the 2nd step where I’m adjusting the RG based off this new filter. I’ve been stuck on this for a while so really appreciate any help on this! :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of forum posts that might help

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Your issue seems to be the setting of the state…if you are using a checkbox to add the ‘type’ individually your addition to the list value stored in the state should be

search-result’s RG_filter:plus item current type

When I use ‘current type’ I am expecting your filters to be in a repeating group with a specific type set to it that is the same that the custom state holding the list is.

Hi @boston85719, thanks for the quick reply! I’m having store owners choose the ‘type’ via a dropdown:

If I’m using a dropdown, is there a different way to set the state?

If it is a single value as a state, and you use a dropdown, then in your workflows you setup the action based on elements inputs value changed.

For the element select the DropDown holding those types…then use the action to set the state.

The state value will be the dropdowns value.

@boston85719 I should’ve mentioned the dropdown is on a separate page, so I can’t choose the dropdown as the element changing the state. Is there a way to use the filter if the dropdown isn’t on the same page?

I charged the “set stage” workflow but am still not seeing results.

How are you passing the value selected from the dropdown to the other page?

Yes, as long as you have a place on that page you are storing the value

This is what’s seen on the front-end, when users are able to view their search results.

I inserted the store’s reservation type they accept by using this logic in the back-end:

And does that do what you are looking for? I thought the issue was about passing the value selected by a user on one page to another page.

@boston85719 The issue is that the “Accepts Reservations” button doesn’t correctly filter the repeating group to show all the stores that take reservations.

In this picture, I have all my stores accepting reservations and this appears by default. When I click on the “Accepts Reservations”, this repeating group should still be showing these three stores but it is not. It clears out all the stores, so it is not working properly.

Sounds like there is a lot to this setup. If you’d like I’m sure we’d be able to sort it out in a session.

Feel free to follow the link to book a private session.

@boston85719 thanks for offering. Since a lot of this is already setup I’m sure the assistance can be provided through the forum.