Need help creating different sign up options with radio buttons [SOLVED]

Hello all,

I am very new to Bubble and am having some trouble…

When a user comes to my page I want the option for them to sign up as a student or as a teacher. Each role will have unique functionalities. For example, a teacher will create a class and the student will join.

I was hoping to put a radio button on my sign up popup where the new user would specify which class they would fall under; student or teacher. I would then put a new field, Is Student, under the user type. When the user clicks the sign up button, whatever state the radio button is in will modify my Is Student field. This is how I thought it would work in my head anyway.

My questions are…

1.) should my Is Student data field be yes/no? Is a yes/no field able to ‘connect’ to a radio button with only two options?

2.) How can I add this functionality to the “Button SIGN UP is clicked” event?

Thank you!

When the user later logged in, I was hping that the IS Student field would be either yes or no for that user and direct them accordingly.

Thanks again.

There 2 different ways you could do this-

The first would be if you want use a yes/no field for student. Then you have two sign ups in the workflow and and set each sign only to run if the certain radio button is selected. If radio button is student and teacher the first sign up would only run if radio button value is student and then you set the student field to yes. The second sign up would only run if radio buttons value is teacher and you would set the student field to no.

The second way would be to have like a role field then you would just put the radio button value in then you could redirect by this value.

Thank you so much, Lester!

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