Sign up/Log in Multiple users

Hi guys,

I’m going through the topics here but haven’t really figured out how to set this up.

So, here’s the scenario.

My application is an Uber type on-demand marketplace. So far, I created two data types for each kind of users and their respective fields.

E.g. ‘User A’ has

and similarly ‘User B’ has


I’m phasing each functionality of my app and am currently the ‘the sign up and on-boarding’ stage of my app.

Long term goal is to have a hybrid app and I may or may not try to monetise it but the main goal here is to get into the habit of best practices and exposure to Bubble capabilities.

Anyways, instead of creating sign up and log in pages I created two sign up and two log in pop-ups and I am calling these with workflows depending on the selected user type.

For example, when I click the Sign up button on the main page, I’ll get a ‘select user type’ popup then if I click driver I’ll get another pop up group for Driver sign up.

The workflow is almost exactly the same except the wording on buttons and text fields. I’m planning to have additional on boarding steps for each set of users, which then will fill up the data fields in their seperate tables at the back end.

Is there a more efficient way to structure this?

For example, create a single ‘sign up and login group’ and add an additional radio button for selecting user type during the sign up, which will then fill in the data fields based on that selection on the form?

I hope that makes sense.

Looking forward to your answers.

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