Need help figuring out feature for my app

I am currently trying to make an interacting map for a small vegetable garden. I have the layout of the garden beds set as buttons and want to create a pop up that displays information about what the vege is, when it was planted, when its due to be ready, how far away that is from now and expected yield.
Snow Peas
Planted: 4th May
Ready: 19th June
(2 days until harvest)
(expected - 5kgs)

I know how to create a pop up and text fields but how is the best way to maintain and implement this data? Ill have it set so that admin users can input what vegetable was planted and when, how to then show that same data to guest users as un-editable information? and what API to use to store and edit this information?

Im mostly looking for any ideas on how to implement and maintain this in the most optimal way.

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