Need help filtering a RG using a list

I’ve been stuck on filtering a RG for over a week and am ready to hire someone to help me!

Specifically i have the following problem:

I want to filter a RG based on two criteria 1. Skills 2. Personality Traits. The RG that I’m trying to filter has a datatype of Job. In my DB, a Job has a list of Skills and a list of Personally traits associated with it. I’d like to display a list of all skills from the DB and a list of all Personality Traits from the DB in two separate RG at the top of the page and select items from those lists to filter the RG Jobs. As I select a Skill or Trait from the list, the filtered results of the Jobs RG should expand to show all companies that have any of the selected Skills or traits.

I’ve seen lots of posts and videos that almost address this for me (or maybe they do and I just can’t figure them out) but I’m still stuck. If you’re willing to coach me through this I’m happy to hire. I’m looking to hire someone ASAP.


Hi Kamp,

Please review as follows:

  1. RG Jobs should be searching for jobs
  2. Then it should be FILTERING for two advanced constraints like this > “search for jobs: filtered”
  3. First one > Advanced: This job skills CONTAINS LIST rg list of skills
  4. Second one > Advanced: This job personality traits CONTAINTS LIST rg list of personality traits

This should do it :+1:

Hi, if you are searching a list based on a list (list of selected skills vs. list of skills in a Job entry) then I think you need to use the intersect with function in the advanced filter. See below for links on this as well as how to set up the list of skills and personality traits that the user can select/deselect.

Note also that the advanced filter is client side so if your database is huge, it’s not the fastest. If your database is huge, try a scrolling RG or pagination so that it’s only loading a few at a time.

But if your time is tight, fastest would be to hire one of the freelancers who regularly post on the site to walk you through it. It’s not that hard to do once you learn the process.

Final note – I was watching a video that Gaby did in her VIP reference that covers how to do this server side through an API workflow, but that’s a different level of complexity. But down the road it’s good to know that’s an option.

Thank you all very much for your help! @SerPounce helped me solve this issue and it’s working perfectly now!

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