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Need help on checkbox function

Hi Bubblers,

I am building an admin system to fill up details of particulars such as name, dob etc.

The function that I am building is to enable the user to fill up the input box by filling up the box. I put a checkbox that allow the user to automatically input “N/A” into multiple boxes when the checkbox is checked.

I am able to make the checkbox work but when there is some changes to the input box, the checkbox function is nullified. For example: when the checkbox is checked, “N/A” appeared in multiple checkbox as I wanted. However, when I replace the word “N/A” with other text/numbers, the checkbox does not work anymore. It seems like the checkbox only can perform one time only.

How do make the checkbox work anytime I checked/unchecked it and it is not just a one time function/condition?

Thank you in advance

There are numerous ways to address this, and the best one depends on your specific goals for how it should work. Here are a few example that you can extrapolate from:

  1. You could add a shape over the input field (and make it 100% transparent) so that user’s can’t click into it. This way, the “N/A” would remain.
  • You could set the input fields to hide when the check-box is checked and put text in their place indicating it’s “N/A” status.
  • You could set the value to be stored in the database as a custom state called, say, box1. Then, when the input field is updated, update the custom state’s value when the checkbox isn’t checked. And, when the checkbox is checked turn the value to “N/A”

Best of luck!

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