Need help setting up an exam app

Hi Bubblers, hope you are all well, I apologies in advance for the long post.

I am new to Bubble and I am still learning (Udemy/YouTube) – Could anyone please help me setup my database and help create some functionality. I am trying to create an app that will allow a teacher to create an exam and then invite students to take that exam.

Each exam contains a set of tests and each test contains a set of multiple choice questions.
Let me further explain the idea by breaking it down:

Teacher (User):

  1. User starts creating an Exam called “Chemistry & Physics”
  2. User selects “Chemistry Test” and “Physics Test” from a list of Tests available and adds them to the Exam “Chemistry & Physics”
  3. User presses a button called Create and an Exam is created.
  4. Now user is on the “Chemistry & Physics” Exam summary page.
  5. User verifies if everything in the Exam is correct.
  6. User invites students to take the Exam by typing student’s email in an email input field and pressing “Invite” button.


  1. Students receive an email with a link to the Exam
  2. Link is clicked – new window opens.
  3. Each student is asked to fill in a form (First Name – Last Name - Email) – Clicks “Next”
  4. Instructions and Info about the exam are displayed – Student clicks” Start Exam”
  5. Student is now able to take the “Chemistry Test” and “Physics Test”
  6. Once finished student presses “Submit” button and results are sent to the Teacher

Teacher (User):

  1. On the dashboard Teacher can see a list of students that took the Exam and the results/score (in Percentage %) for each student.

I hope that this was not confusing – so far, I am able to create exams and add tests to it, I even have a dashboard where I can see a list of exams created.

I can’t figure out how to create sets of multiple choice questions and assign them to tests – I am not sure how the database should be structured in order to accommodate this functionality.

I can’t figure out how to invite students to take the exam and store this data in the database.

I can’t figure out how the score will be calculated and then displayed in the dashboard.

Can anyone please help me out? I am happy to jump on a Skype/zoom call if needed.

Many Thanks

I can help with this)) I’ll write in PM

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Thank you so much for your help,

As per your instructions I have managed to structure my database as following:

User (Teacher):



First Name

Last Name






Test (List of Tests)

Created by (User)






Question (List of Questions)





Test (Test)

Answer (List of Answers)





Question (Question)

Correct (Yes / No)





First Name

Last Name


Exam (Exam)




Student (Student)

Exam (Students Exam)

Average Score


I am now able to create an exam and invite a student via email to take the exam, however I cannot figure out how to create a page that will display the questions and answers for that test.

I would like to display one question at a time – the student should click next to see the next question in the list.

And how do I calculate the students score?

Your help is highly appreciated.


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