Help creating a website for students to take exams

What I want to happen:

  1. I paste all the exam questions I have ordered by category from an excel file into bubble data base
  2. Students can answer the questions by selecting desired topic
  3. After students complete question set, a score is given.
  4. Students can revisit exams taken to see correct answers and read explanations of the answers
  5. Create a system where users pay monthly to access the questions

Is this possible using bubble?
If so, how and where do I start?
Literally have no idea how to go about this even after finishing all the interactive lessons.

Any help would be really appreciated. I’m happy to speak about this with someone over zoom or your choice of video conferencing software if that helps.


Hi @squashdaniel

Yes it is definitely possible to build this type of system in bubble easily.
Depends a bit on the questions. If they are simple and easy to validate the answers i.e (checkbox for a/b/c/d answers, multiple choice questions etc.)

I’ll send a PM with my zoom/calender details


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