Need help updating existing contacts

Hi Guys! Would appreciate it if anyone can help me with what I’m trying to accomplish. I am new to this and have gone through a lot of tutorials and documentations but still am unable to make progress.

Goal : Pull updates from ActiveCampaign to update the contact data on my bubble database.

I am able to pull new contacts added on our ActiveCampaign CRM to my bubble database. I now need a webhook (either via zapier or integromat) to pull updates to the existing contacts on my bubble database.

Example :
John Doe in ActiveCampaign has been updated with a new phone number, a new tag, and a new task. I need these updates to reflect on the same, existing John Doe on my Bubble database.

I tried to create an api workflow and webhook on zapier but it doesn’t seem to work.

I would extremely appreciate anyone’s help. Please let me know what info or link you need me to provide to help you - help me.

Super thanks in advance guys!

I’m not familiar with ActiveCampaign but if they can send a webHook on update then you should not need zapier.

Thanks for your message, Elle! I actually solved this today through integromat!

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