Need Help with Database Structure

I need help with my database structure.
I have two different data types: CONTENT & ROOM.

The CONTENT has its own attributes such as image, caption, etc.
The ROOM houses the CONTENT with its own attributes (name, icon, etc.).

When someone clicks on a ROOM, I need the CONTENT associated with that ROOM to populate in an RG. How can I setup my databases to make this happen?

Also what does this look like in the design? For example, if I have the list of ROOMS that current user is joined into with its own RG, what is the best way to set up where when they click on a ROOM from the RG, then the CONTENT for that room populates on the same page? Basically, how can I set these RGs up where I dont need to create multiple pages for the different ROOMS?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Michael… Not an expert (yet) but will do my best to help you out. Just need some clarification though.

When you said the Content and Room data types have their own attributes, I’m going to assume you really mean their own fields. Attributes relates to the option sets and not the data types. Since you said you need the content that is associated with that room to populate in the RG, I am also assuming that you have some fields in the Room data type that is linked with Content.

Is this accurate?

On the Room datatype put a data field that is a list of Content data type.

On the RG put the content type to Content, and then the datasource will be the current page Room Content (the data field that is a list of Content on the Room data type)

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