Need help with using API backend

Hi, I am very new in using API’s. I am building a mock native Android/ iOS app on the Dropsource platform. The first page of this mock app will allow the user to enter in their name and email address (not a sign-in). Once they have inputted that information, they will hit the send button which takes them to the 2nd page. This is considered the “Invitation Page” about the event. Once they hit the “Send Confirmation” button to RSVP, I need their name and email from the 1st page to be sent to the app owner’s email address. Then, if they want to cancel, they will have to click the cancel RSVP button and that information will need to be sent to the app owner’s email as well. Is there any way that this can be done using bubble?

@p500tech, i realized you cross-posted this on dropsource forum too. Since this is more of a dropsource question i’ve answered you there.
But for the benefit of others, here is a gist of response:
Yes you can do this with bubble but you don’t really need to. If all you want to do is collect some info from user and send that to some email address you can simply use an api call in dropsource without bubble.
Collecting the info( name and email) and sending to the next page can easily be done with dropsource by defining two page variables, name and email, on your second page and sending the collected info on the first page to the page variables on the “got to page” action.

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@seanhoots, I watched a few videos that had this functionality. Will the user’s default email app in their phone populate doing it this way?

No sending email through an api is totally different from populating an email app on the users phone.

Ok that’s what I thought. I have been looking for examples on how to do an API call in Dropsource and could not find it. Can you direct me to a video or documentation on it? I do not mean to be a bother. Learning how to do this through Dropsource would be a GREAT help to me. Thanks for helping.

And for creating a swagger specification for an api you can see the link below.

By the way i think your questions are more about dropsource than bubble so maybe that is the right place to be asking your questions.

Yes, I see that now. Thank you for all of your help!