Need to hide a group when width of page is less than 768

Hi Bubblers,

So I have a group that I want gone when the page width is less than 768px. Now I first tried adding a condition but their is nothing I can see their that would makes the group completely gone. I tried using workflows but they are not working as well. I am new to bubble, so I need some help in this regard. Thanks

Hi there, @umair.asim… what you described should be as simple as adding this condition to the group.


Also, you are likely going to want to check this box on the group’s Layout tab.

If you don’t see that box, it’s because the group’s parent container’s layout is fixed, and you will need to set that layout to something other than fixed to get the box to show up.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for replying @mikeloc, I do remember doing this but it did not work so I removed it, I added this again and now it is working maybe I was missing something. Thanks for the help really appreciate it .

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While we are at it, I see that it only makes it invisible and it still occupies the space, is there any way to completely remove it from dom?

I don’t know what you mean by occupies the space… do you mean it’s not collapsing when hidden?

My bad, I did not have the collapse when hidden checkbox ticked on another group I wanted to hide.