New API Requests

Hi - would it be possible to implement the following with user accounts:

USPS Tracking API -

UPS Tracking API -

FedEx Tracking API -

Thank you

I am not familiar with this but you could utilize the html element or blockspring.

It likely wouldn’t be good for bulk data pulls - and blockspring doesn’t integrate as far as I see. I’d like to be able to pull the data to use in other elements, so that’s where HTML wouldn’t work.

Are you doing this for one private key or users’ keys? If so, how do they authenticate?

I think you can use Stripe and then sign up for Shippo. Stripe has a Shippo integration which connects with multiple carriers, get discounted shipping labels, track parcels, etc.

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I own a fulfillment center - so I get lower rates than Shippo can even come close to. I’d rather not pay for access to someone else’s API in combination when UPS/FedEx/USPS all offer API access for free.

These authenticate with a key generated in each account - you log in with your shipping account, and generate a key.

Also of note - each shipping API can do much more than just track. Buy shipping, get freight quotes, etc. But tracking in this case is probably step one just due to it being more simple, and not involving the possibility of money changing hands up front.

It seems USPS API is using XML, which isn’t what we usually use. Can you find a more modern provider? Also, if the authentication happens with OAuth, at this stage we have to add the API for you (usually on a sponsored basis), while if it’s using a private key, you can add it yourself in the API connector.

Not directly - most others are paid services which require a payment per API call. The other option would potentially be ShipStation, but I’m not sure if that pulls tracking results or not, but it does pull tracking numbers, order IDs, etc.

Full integration would be of course nice, it can do quite a bit

shipstation sounds like something you could add yourself with the API connector.

Yes - and I’ve been working with that, however the ShipStation API does not pull carrier tracking info. Only the tracking number itself - which needs to be passed to a carrier API to pull results

Heard back from ShipStation with a direct confirmation:

“At this time, there isn’t a way to track shipments via the Open API available with ShipStation”

And shippo doesn’t do the job? If you want us to integrate the usps API email us, but that’s probably something we’ll do on a sponsored basis.

I will verify if it will, they may charge for API calls. Some do that

If you have couriers’ accounts and shipped goods via them, you can certainly access to their services. But here i would like to share one more simple way, which enables you to access worldwide 475 couriers. And some of them listed as below.
USPS tracking api:
UPS tracking api:
FedEx tracking api: