New Bubble Team Member for Education!

Hey everyone!

I’m Jeremy and I am Bubble’s first Education team member! Some of you may have interacted with me via tickets, but now I’m full steam ahead with producing some exciting educational content.

Over the coming months I will be overhauling existing documentation, creating video tutorials and anything else related to helping users learn Bubble.

Before joining Bubble, I was using Bubble to make my own software, programming games with some notable visual scripting engines, and teaching Computer Science.

So happy to be here, and really excited to chat with you. If you have any tutorial requests, or things you’ve been dying to learn let me know!


Welcome to Bubble:)
Looking forward to the content.Been wanting to find very useful structures content to learn more than I already know.:heart:

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Thanks Bryan! Working on it. If there is anything you were wanting to learn specifically, do let me know and I will make a note of it.

Hello @Jeremy!

Thanks for joining Bubble! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
That’s great that now there is a person that will handle that stuff.


Thanks @Jeremy. Would love to learn how to setup a payment gateway like stripe including subscriptions, DB setup, how to handle expired credit cards, deleted users, etc… Seems like a very complex chapter but fundamental for any web app.



Great idea! Definitely can see this as a future tutorial :thinking:

Amazing, @Jeremy!

Welcome aboard!

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I am in the process of building a shopify like platform where my users can create stores for themselves and upload inventory.When I run into the problems I’m pretty sure I’ll face I’ll be sure to update here.But am sure some of the major ones will be something like whether bubble will allow me to have a custom plan that allows my users to have custom domains.Lets my platform will be my user get a url?

Welcome! We look forward to seeing the education tools that you create. :+1:

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I’ve seen a couple if your posts btw too…really great stuff.Was wondering whether I could be coming to you with questions too.

You can do that with sub-apps and CNAME records. Will cost you a plan for each app :wink:

Oh well that makes it easier.Thanks.:slight_smile: But by 'plan for each app.Does that mean every user who creates a store will have to get a new app?

Wont I be apple to use one bubble app that every single user can log into and have all their store data in data fields?
(EDIT) Started doing more research and finding solutions so far.Thank you @Codeables for mentioning this.Really helps.

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Welcome aboard!

This is GREAT!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome!

I’m excited to show what we have in store! :grin:

Please don’t hesitate to reply with tutorials that you would like to see, or that has been missing as you were first learning!

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Hi,In regards to what I was inquiring about yesterday,I did some research and found alot of unanswered questions that people had asked regarding how subapps work.Dag really deep in the community and youtube but also cant seem to find solid content myself.Maybe that could be part of the list of educational content you can put out?

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Hi Jeremy,

Welcome to bubble.

Looking forward to better documentation.

Tutorial requests

I find myself sometimes wanting to see a bubble editor public link of how things are done.

e.g. I’d love to see a bubble editor of how best to create a stripe subscription system

Bubble editor view of how best to create a simple stripe checkout.

Video tutorial and documentation is ok. But a best in class set of bubble editor demos would be cool.

Not full complicated apps which can be overwhelming to understand.

But something like applets that we can take ‘strong’ inspiration from.


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Good idea! Will make it a note for the future.

We did just add some documentation for sub-apps recently!

Just to clarify. Subapps is very different to what I was thinking.

A page with a list of bubble editor links of best in class ways of doing things.

A) stripe subscriptions
B) stripe checkout
C) oauth login with google
D) single page aps
E) lots of responsive demos. Especially header layouts…


Awesome to have more education Jeremy!
Would love to see a tutorial on how to optimize your bubble app for optimal speed.
What are tricks and tips you have to make your bubble app as fast (or faster) as a html/css/javascript web app. Thanks!

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