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New Course: Complete Bubble Developer Course

Leonidas has developed this course thoughtfully.

The best part of the course is that it forces you to think and you start to develop a certain belief in your ability and in the power of Bubble!

Highly recommended!

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Thank you @panashpmab1. I appreciate it!

I’ve completed this course, the section dedicated to API development really helped me build my APP.
Thank you, and could you please create more content for us because I really enjoy your style of teaching.

I highly recommend this course to all Bubble beginners and even intermediate users.

I’m happy my course helped you build your own app. I will constantly be adding content to the course based on student feedback, as I have already.

Thank you very much @kokosiouli. I did design the course for beginner Bubble developers to get to an intermediate level and for intermediate Bubble developers to get to an advanced level. I am glad you recognized that. Thank you.

This is great @leonidas.petrou4, I emailed this to my brother as he is interested in learning bubble.

How long has this been in the works for, I’m sure was a lot of work! Congrats on its launch.

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Hi @marktuff, thanks for sharing it with your brother, I hope he finds it helpful.

It’s been in the works for a while. A few months of planning and 2 months of filming and editing. It is a lot of work but it is something I enjoy doing. Thank you!


good to see that the course helped lotsa ppl! myself included

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I am too. Thanks @acap. Thanks to you and everyone else who signed up, my course is the “Best Seller” Bubble Visual Programming course on Udemy.

Hi Bubblers, you can find an updated coupon link Here

Happy learning and feel free to ask any questions if you have any!

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Hi @leonidas.petrou4

Great work! Coupon is not working for me, unless the price is 200$ us?

Haha, thanks for pointing that out @JohnMark , the price definitely isn’t $200, it is $13.99

Try this link instead:

Coupon | Complete Bubble Developer Course

This coupon is only valid for 31 days from today.


Hi Leonidas

This is a great effort!

I think from the audience perspective and engagements are missing. I think you need to work on the structure of the course. Keeping in mind people would start building any MVP. I felt someone is walking through the help file. There is no presentation. Every chapter should start with a shareable presentation. Why you have asked your student to work on the bubble lessons…not required. I am not getting insight of it.


Hi Shuv,

Thank you for the compliment and your feedback.

I did not want to add any slides or presentations into the course because I did not want to make it an academic course. Most people learn from actually doing and hands-on projects, so that is why I followed more of a practical / project approach rather than theoretical approach. I get straight into delivering value to my students with no fluff or boring presentations. I think that is the one reason that the course has received hundreds of 5 star reviews and thousands of student enrolments.

I made sure to keep in mind that people would start building any MVP, but I can not build an MVP of every single app, so for that reason I only built the MVP of Tinder and a few other apps which allowed me to show off as many of Bubble’s important features as possible.

I gave my students the option to work on the bubble lessons because some people find the course on Udemy without knowing that Bubble even exists, so I wanted to link to them in the course so they know about it and also because they are helpful. This is an optional section as I mention in the course.

Thank you for your feedback and if I get similar requests from other students I will consider them for future updates of the course.

Also, Udemy also offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee for those who are not happy with the course.

For anyone interested, here is an updated 95% off coupon because the previous coupon links have expired:


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Hi Leon,
Thanks for the reply!


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Hello, @leonidas.petrou4, is there any coupon available? I’m interested in taking it. The course is currently showing up as $94.99 :confused: Thanks!

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Hi @adrchen, thanks for your interest in the course. Sure, here is a coupon for $10:

This coupon expires in 5 days from today.

Thanks, @leonidas.petrou4, purchased it :slight_smile:

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Such courses are a very cool thing, because it is a qualitative progress

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Thank you @Welleeni

Hi @leonidas.petrou4
I’m interested in taking your course, can you please share a coupon link?

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