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List of Things - Data

Hi - I have what I think should be a very simple request.

I created a dataset of ice cream parlors. I want to be able to have a particular parlor list off the flavors they have available. I set a new field called ‘Flavors’ to be a list of another data set I have where I listed out all flavors (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, etc.).

When I go to the app data section and click to create a new entry, the ‘Flavors’ field won’t let me populate anything at all.

Eventually, I would also like for users to be able to add what Flavors are available at various parlors.

Thanks for any help!

Unfortunately, you cannot edit a list from the Data tab. The way you would do this is to build a simple page where you can add flavors to parlors.

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Actually I think you can update the data directly from the data tab @potentialthings.
On the Data Tab there are 3 choices - Data Types, App Data, Privacy. Choose App Data and select the one you want to add to then press the button New Entry. You can modify the data directly from this interface.

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding the question.

In this example, you can add a single Delivery Date no problem. Let’s say you have a Package, and one of the fields on that Package is “PossibleDeliveryDates.” You can’t modify the “PossibleDeliveryDates” for a specific Package in the data tab.

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Ah - I see - misread it. What you’re saying is of course correct.

No worries! This is a hard thing to talk about, there are so many similar words that mean similar things. Help is always appreciated!