New data from the same repeating group data

1- How i can reset data in the repeating group ,to prevent the same data from display for other users ?
2- i set the " data source" in the repeating group to " do a search for " but in this case every time the user adds new data ,The old data will display too in the repeating group !! how i can make the repeating group display only the data that user add and at the same time not prevent previous or old data from displaying


I found this post is similar to my issue , but i don’t understand how he solve it !!
How to reset repeating group after listing submissions?
Kindly any help much appreciate

Hi @ciscotreasure,

Try using a custom state as the source of your repeating group. Whenever the user adds something to the list, you update the custom state ( a list value). When the user is ready to submit that data and reset it, you will update the state to a blank value so that the repeating group can be cleared.

This video can help you with the concept:

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