New elements tree too large?

While I really like the direction of the new elements tree, I can’t access my most deeply nested elements like I could previously. I have expanded the width as far is it will let me:

Is there any way to revert to the old elements tree for now? I can’t find it in the version settings…

They mentioned they will adjust the sizing and spacing of the element tree. Dont think they will allow to revert back to the old element tree.
I feel your frustration, but as a side note you should try using more Reusable Elements to modularise your app. It will make your site run smoother as well as your editor.
Thats much nesting looks like a nightmare to maintain.

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Right, good to know - thanks.

As for reusables, I totally agree, I just really dislike the editing experience - when I edit a reusable the whole editor switches to that context and resets my main view. I have a lot of elements that are hidden on load, meaning I then have to switch them all back on.

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I much preferred the old version. The new version has slowed my work down considerably. All they needed to do is add folders which we can name, which still hasn’t been done.


I agree I prefer the old version too.

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