UI Builder - element tree

I’d find it really useful if i could resize the element tree (or just that whole side pane) to be wider. Is it just me? It seems crazy to me that I can’t make it wider? I have loads of things on one page, and try stick to useful naming too so elements are in groups with shared prefixes etc, but since it’s such a narrow fixed width i can’t see much more than ~10 characters of an element’s name. I feel like I’m missing something, since this is such an arbitrary yet frustrating limitation.

Just me!?


I agree that being able to resize that pane would make sense, but I’m sure you’ve met this little guy, right?


Pop into that field, start typing, and boom… here’s your element(s)! It’s the only way to fly when dealing with elements on a page.


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Thanks Mike! Yeah, use that too but since things are organised in the element tree and grouped the navigation is much more logical. Feels very odd that it’s not possible to resize this pane or navigate more easily to the exact right element. The pick element/search element thing is also only really useful if every single element on your page has a long unique name…