[New Feature] [Beta] Large file uploads

Hi @miguel. That sounds like an unrelated bug, mind submitting a bug report?

The v5/v6 upgrade only affects file upload size and how we deliver those uploaded files to users. It doesn’t touch anything else (and you can confirm this by downgrading back to v5; the bug will still persist).

Thanks for your quick response!

You’re right. This behaviour is unrelated to v6 as I just tested it with v5 and the behaviour is the same.

Apologies for adding noise to this thread!

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Since the upgrade large files i have notice a period of file being uploaded with geturl and I cant seem to access the documents unless its from the editor.

Not sure how to fix this as there are some 100 or so files like this, last few days I have not seen the issue but have downgraded to be safe.

Hey @it1,

I have notice that same problem with one of my appy.
When I check “Attach this file to” to some file uploader, depending with thing I select to attach, the file being uploaded with geturl and I cant view them.

Hello everyone,

We just pushed an update to the beta which allows plugin authors to take advantage of the new large file uploads. To use it, you must enable the “Max file size” and “Large file uploads enabled” conditions on your element, and then you get access to a new function (instance.uploadFile) to upload any file that is within the file size specified on that element. This should ensure that app owners are still offered the same security guarantees for their large files, where these properties will be evaluated server-side on upload.

Please try this out and let me know of any feedback!


Thanks for the info, @cal. Is the upload progress exposed for devs to take advantage of?

@sudsy Yes! Here is the documentation for the functions:

     uploadFile: function(file: File, callback: function(err, url), [attachTo], [progressCallback: function(num)])
                 file: A Javascript File object for use in the upload
                 callback: Once upload completes or fails, this function will be called
                 attachTo: optional parameter to attach the file to. It has to be a thing in Bubble
                 progressCallback: if present, will be called with a number from 0 to 1 while file is uploading
           This will upload a file of size up to the "Max file size (MB)" property on the element, and only if "File uploads enabled" is true.
           Please make sure app owners installing your plugin fill these out.
           NOTE: this feature is in public beta.
     canUploadFile: function(file: File) - checks if a file can be uploaded, according to the properties

You da man! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Can’t wait to get back to my machine and try it out.

Did you find a fix to this issue? I am having some similar problems but not yet diagnosed source.

Now the upgrade was fixed, any chance we can change the destination of the upload to a different AWS db?

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Great upgrade!

I use the plugin AWS file upload and have quite a few files stored. How do I transition to using this new feature in Bubble (which I very much would like to do since AWS is a bit cumbersome)?

// Peter

Also wondering if there’s a way to stop an upload in progress.

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I’m also interested in knowing how you stop an upload

The app progress bar is dancing back and forth while uploading.

I have noticed this usually when the internet connection is weak.

We just pushed another update to this based on requests from @djpapzin, @philledille, and others : The ability to cancel an upload in progress. To do this, just use the new “Cancel upload” action (in “Element actions”) on your file uploader element. You can, for instance, add this action to a button which is conditionally enabled based on the uploader’s “is loading” attribute. Enjoy!


Very good!


Thank you very much

@erik.bubble is this what we were talking about? Does it change the .csv file upload limit or is it just for large files?

Hello @cal !

I’m experiencing problems with this new Bubble’s Version, because now it’s “slow” setting CORS rules on new uploaded files.

That means each time I upload a new file, Bubble takes something like 3/5 minutes to set the CORS rules to that file, instead in version 5 it was instant.

So, this is causing problem to a js library I’m using to edit files that is returning a CORS error, until I wait around 5 minutes and then Bubble’s sets the correct CORS rules.

Please, can you dig deeper on this matter? It’s a really hard problem that causes impossibility to update to version 6.

Thanks in advance for the effort!