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[New Feature] [Beta] Large file uploads

This is what I was talking about, yes! However, it doesn’t change .csv. limits.

Hi @oh.devteam. Can you DM me the name of your application, or at least tell me what library you are using so I can replicate the behavior you are seeing and figure out what the problem is? If it is causing pain to upgrade to v6, I can certainly take a look at it and see what’s going on.

Hi @cal,

Sorry if this is a dumb question but is there something you need to do to activate the feature? Still having trouble with the >50MB file sizes. Do you have to be on a paid plan perhaps?


I haven’t been on Bubble for awhile, so sorry in advance if I’m missing something. But, how do I get around the 50mb upload limit as seen below?



I need to get the server side upload feature on my app. The app is called Showcrm.

Thank you!


Is there a reason this increased limit doesn’t work when “Storage Service” is Box using the Bubble Box integration plugin? I get a popup at the end of the upload that says “sorry, this file is too large”. When I set the Storage Service to “Bubble Storage” it works fine.

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hello @cal

i set the “file uploader” as BOX storage and put the limit 20 MB.
but it’s still uploading files bigger than 20 MB. Limit is not working for BOX storage.

and i agree to @kylewknoll

if i select bigger than 50 MB file size… its still loading and at the end of upload “sorry, this file is too large” visible.

how can we solve this problem?

Thank you

Would this work for users uploading videos? I am building an app that works like youtube and netflix combined so it will support large files for films and videos. I was wondering if it would work into that and allow users to upload the large files? Uploading would be limited but having this set to over 50mb would be great.

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Hi Bubble team, I am building an app that uses Video as well. Users need to upload large files depending on the resolution. I use the file after upload converting it into multiple resolutions and the large original file is finally deleted. I am hitting the 5GB limit for some of my files. Since the last update on this was last year and Bubble is getting more popular by the minute, are you planning to raise this limit?

Larger file sizes mean longer loading times, is it possible to load the file in the background (like google drive, see below) so users can still browse the site while a file is uploading? Or is that on the roadmap? Thanks!