[New Feature] Clean App Feature

I really regret trying this out. The poor UI design of scroll bar on hover (so bad) in the clean up pop up box made me think I only had 6 or 7 things to clean up. In reality there were loads, then it stalled and I waited 30 minutes but then exited the app getting frustrated. Now I feel as if the app is corrupted, for example I colour a group orange in the editor and it shows as blue in the preview screen. Am trying to to redo this myself before I have to log a bug report.

Edit: I stand corrected. If there is something wrong with your data, the colours, styles, and static text won’t show either and it has probably always done this unrelated to this clean up rollout. The url will also display sample:custom [thing].

Edit: No that’s not it. App still refuses to show new data, colours, and styles. Will report a bug.

Any way to set this so that the boxes are not all checked. For example having a little option that allows all boxes to be unchecked so I can go down and select what I want removed? For some of us we literally have hundreds of things and it might work better to select a few things at a time, test, repeat.

I really have to ask one more time. Any way that the clean app feature can be set with all checkboxes off? That way we can select a few at a time, perform the action, see how the app performs, then repeat?


Yes well said, would be nice to have a master checkbox.

We just added that :slight_smile:


@emmanuel @eve

Please correct me if I am wrong: “Optimize Application” feature does not seem to detect deleted option_sets. Anyway this can be added so we can permanently delete unused option_sets and their associated attributes?

I had some old deleted option_sets with data urls/image attributes and my app was still trying to download these, which was significantly slowing page loads. Took me a while to figure out that my deleted option sets were the problem.

Tip for others: if you delete option sets, make sure you first delete all your option attributes, esp images/files/data urls. Otherwise, these unused ghost attributes could affect runmode.

Similarly, be careful when you change element conditions as you could end up creating ghost settings. For instance, if in a condition, you set a background image for a group. Then, you later change your condition to just background color but forget to “clear” that image first. In runmode, your app may still try to download that original image and could thus affect page load speed.


@eve Any update on being able to permanently delete option sets? Thanks

Hi - thank you for these tips.

Can you explain the process for the below? Are you saying to blank out the attributes in each option set entry, and then delete the option set?

Yes, clear attributes first.

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