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Optimizing Application

I’ve been developing my App for a while so optimising it seems sensible. I’m on the point of clicking “Clean App” which is under a long list of items that seem to be deletable but I note the text that says I could “Lose information” by doing this although I can use Version Control to get it back if it causes issues “Depending on my plan”…
“Lose information” is making me a bit nervous. I’m only on the “Personal (Legacy) Plan” so will I be able to undo any of this? I’m told I can use Version Control but I’ve never seen this…is it available on a Personal plan or is it something that is only for those on higher plans?
Is there anything else I can do to streamline my app?
As ever, I appreciate any assistance.

Hey Joe,

Absolutely, “Clean App” can be beneficial, but caution is key to ensure you don’t lose anything important. The warning is about removing unused elements which you might need later.

Version Control is available on all Bubble plans, including Personal. Before cleaning, create a ‘New Save Point’ in Version Control so you can undo if necessary.

To streamline your app, optimise workflows, limit on-page elements, and use reusable elements for efficiency. It will also be worth looking at your WU to ensure you do not have a clog of usage somewhere.

Always double-check items suggested for deletion in the cleaning process.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Mike. This is hugely useful!
I’ve created a save point and optimised it. Only 1 issue has emerged from doing so which looks like this…
Screenshot 2023-06-02 111740
This is a bit of a mystery to me…can you shed any light on where I need to look to resolve this?
Many thanks again for your help
All the best

My guess would be that if you went onto your privacy settings, where you have created a new privacy rule (called AdminUserPermissions), you have not filled out the criteria.

Let me know if this resolves is.

No problem.

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Many thanks. Yes, it was something very historic that I had deleted. Weirdest thing though, I had to keep clicking on the Issue box to be taken to the actual cause of the issue and then correct it as I had quite a lot of “misses” from doing so. Eventually it got me there but not after I’d restored and optimised the app twice, each time with a different number of issues caused. All issue free now however so my task now is to go through your other recommendations and see if I can reduce it further.
Thanks again. Have a great weekend.
All the best

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Good to hear.

If you want to look at anything in future, just let me know.

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