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[New Feature] Element Inspector

We just added a UI element that will make editing complex pages easier. The Element Inspector shows the different custom states of an element, lets you edit them, and shows all the workflow items (events, actions) and other elements that refer the current element. Clicking on each entry will take you there.

To reveal the Element Inspector, click on the Information icon in the title bar of the Property Editor.


Looks great!

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Wow, cool.

Brilliant! :slight_smile:

Excellent :slight_smile:

@Bubble Excellent work guys…take the rest of the day off and have a beer or two!


Looking forward to this!

This is amazing, thank you!


Real neat

Thank you for adding this awesome feature. Not sure if it’s related but my site is running extremely slow after this update.

I was waiting for this, very well done, thank you!

Super Duper! Thanks :slight_smile:


Wow - this could save a ton of time for anyone building mobile apps. Super excited to try this out. Thanks guys!


I think I found a minor bug in this:

  1. Click one of the Event links in the inspector.
  2. You are taken to the workflow window, to the correct workflow
  3. Bug: However, if you were currently viewing a different workflow folder in the Workflow window, it will show the correct steps of the workflow, but it will not locate the Event itself (it will remain stuck in the folder you had active before clicking the link)

I hope that was understandable.

indeed, we’ll push a fix.


Awesomes! Simple and effective. Exactly what I was dreaming about!