[New Feature] Magic login link workflow action

For those wanting to create workflows for new users without needing to creat a new page, simply add a new yes/no data-type to the user that checks if they are brand new. If true then do the action you want. No need for specific urls or any of that jazz.


This functionality is currently being worked on and will be out shortly, thanks!


Aw dang, just realized that the Magic link only works if the user account already exists, ie, Magic Link does not work for password-less logins for new users:

Any chance you guys are developing passwordless logins?

just do a create account for someone else before sending magic link…


Love it!

Would love to extend this time frame. I am using the magic link to work around the confirm email process. I’m missing signups and people are giving up on getting logged in for the first time. The confirm email is a huge pain point for me.


Hey everyone,

Happy Wednesday! We have added new functionality to the magic login link action that allows you to specify how long the login link is valid (between 0 and 24 hours). You are also able to send data to the page a user is sent to on both success and failure, as well as when 2-Factor Authentication is turned on. This is in response to the great feedback we got on the initial release of the feature, and we’re excited to bring you these updates! More information can be found in the documentation here.

Note: In the previous version, the “Navigate on Login” option was optional, and an email was sent that referred users to a 404 page. Now, this field (as well as “Navigate on Failure”) is required; no email will be sent out if either/both field(s) are empty.



It would be awesome to have a login code intead of link, like a checkbox:
Just create code, don't send email

For the users that are logging in in the PWA and enter the code :grinning: :computer:

Hey @governess.simpson :wave:

It seems that this update broke current magic link logins. I haven’t updated my apps yet but now all my magic links are broken. Was this supposed to be a breaking change? Because it actually broke my live apps. :cry:


+1 the “Just create code, don’t send email” checkbox isn’t working @governess.simpson


it doesn’t work for me either, were you able to solve it?

I try use checkbox Just create code, don’t send email” checkbox isn’t working

Is magic login working for you?
I have a backend workflow that sends the magic login link and it isn’t working for some reason.

The email comes with the link, the link navigates to the right page. But CurrentUser is empty and not logged in…

@governess.simpson is this feature working at the moment?


Hrm, it’s working fine for me, but I don’t have it as a backend workflow.

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so I found the issue in my app.

Working fine for me now as well.

For various reasons that I won’t bore people, I didn’t use Schedule API workflow to hit the backend but went via the API connector to call the app itself.

In that scenario, magic login link doesn’t work. (perhaps a little edge case bug?)

Moved the magic login outside into the front-end and it is fine.
Also tested with a simple schedule API workflow to send via backend, that is fine too.



Quick question… Any way to use “stay logged in” with magic link? Setting a manual cookie?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Can you remove the warning if the link has expired? I just want Users to head straight to the backup link.

Did you ever end up figuring this out? I am also running into this issue :thinking:

@mike8 @nickc @governess.simpson

Hi there, just had a very interesting bug and also found a fix with the following flow:

  1. Button in front-end triggering a backend workflow through the API connector

  2. Creating the magic link in the backend workflow as “don’t send email, create link only” and returning the data through the “Return data” workflow action

  3. Opening the link returned from the API call “Result of step …” with a “Open external link”

For some reason, the link was successfully generated, but opening the link resulted in absolutely no effect.
It opened the right page (the success page), without logging the user or showing any error message. Same behaviour on another browser, or if a user was already logged in.
Opening the link multiple times also resulted in no expired error message.

I found that the generated link was https://myapp.bubbleapps.io/version-live/api... and changed it to its set domain name and removed the version path (https://myapp.com/api...) worked well.

So if you’re experiencing this @ZubairLK you can try a “Find and replace” action on the generated URL.


We have received multiple cases of an expired link being received by users.
The user receives the email fine but when they click it, they see

This link is expired or has already been used. Please request another.

Our suspicion is corporate firewalls and spam checkers. But I thought I’d flag this again as this probably needs some fixing, please.


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